Saving Sasha is a lesbian romance set primarily in the restrictive world of an English high school for girls Claire is a newly qualified teacher, fresh from university and teacher training, intent on building a career for herself as an English teacher Among her new students is a girl, Sasha, just starting her secondary education, who finds herself allocated to Claire s form As the years pass by, Sasha develops an affection for Claire, eventually falling in love with her Claire becomes aware of this but shows no inclination to share in such feelings, being unattracted to younger girls and very aware of the rules and regulations relating to relationships between teachers and students Eventually, they become friends outside of the school environment and as their friendship develops, all under the watchful eye of the girl s mother, they must do their very best to make sure their behaviour is acceptable both to themselves and to the society in which they live Who will keep Sasha safe and from whom Saving Sasha is a love story which raises many questions, both morally and practically, while always accepting that the constraints surrounding teacher student relationships are both necessary and desirable, even to those most affected by themwords