The zoo is overloaded The population has exploded And the animals want out NOW What s New at the Zoo from the hit Broadway show Do Re Mi perfectly captures the grumblings and rumblings of all the animals, and kids will delight in the hilarious lift the flap surprises of acclaimed illustrator Travis Foster s spot on comic creations Includes an introduction by Tony Award winning actress, Phyllis Newman, who was married to Green until his death in

10 thoughts on “Whats New at the Zoo?

  1. Andrea Brooks Andrea Brooks says:

    fun refrain based on a broadway song.

  2. Kristin Nelson Kristin Nelson says:

    The rhymes are great, illustrations are fun, and who can resist the fold out pages Not much of a storyline though.

  3. Habrewer Habrewer says:

    What s New at the Zoo by Betty Comden and Adolph Green A review copy of this book was viewed from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review This was such a fun book about the animals of the zoo They are all cramped up and stepping on each other s pouches, spines, and snouts It is full of colorful words rhyming words that almost flow like a song It would make sense because according to the introduction it was a song from the Broadway play Do Re Mi in 1960.It is full of bright colorful pictures that children will love There are all types of animals that can be found in the zoo and they are all on top of each other The animals are crying out because they are stepping on each other and need space of their own Children may not understand the need for open habitat s for these animals but the adults definitely will.This was a fun book because there are several games you could play with your youngster such as naming the animals or finding the animals, etc Lilly enjoyed this book and we give it 4 stars.

  4. Tasha Tasha says:

    This funny book about an overcrowded zoo contains words that are lyrics from the Broadway Show, Do Re Mi The zoo is so crowded that the animals are stepping on one another The kangaroo s pouch is stepped on by a bear The moose s snout is stepped on by a goose All of the animals demand to be let out of the zoo So when the zookeeper arrives at the door, he is stampeded by all of the animals in their rush to escape The book combines humor and rhythm into one very appealing read.Read the rest of the review at Waking Brain Cells

  5. Maria Maria says:

    Using the lyrics from a song in the 1960s Broadway musical DO RE MI, What s New At the Zoo takes a look at an overcrowded zoo The illustrations show the funny results of what happens when there isn t quite enough space for all of the animals a bear steps on a kangaroo s pouch, a moose steps on a pelican s beak, a pig steps on a porcupine Mr Foster s illustrations are a lot of fun, the expressions he gives the animals convey exactly what they are feeling This book would be great for a zoo themed story time.

  6. Adam Schuch Adam Schuch says:

    The book was a little too short as far as words go But the book did a great job of using many devices The book has repetition, rhyming, onamonapias, and a couple pages that flip open The book has very interesting print function as the animals hurt each other while shouting It also contains helpful word identification by coloring the names of the animals to match their illustrations This book would be great to complement a science unit on living animals.

  7. Christy Head Christy Head says:

    Expressive and fun Complicated illustrations that lend themselves to younger kids finding different animals No real story, which was disconcerting The animals spend the whole story talking about how the zoo is too crowded, but nothing is really done throughout the story or at the end Good for Prek 1st grade.

  8. Miri Miri says:

    Fascinating backstory The text of this book is actually lyrics from a 1960 Broadway musical called Do Re Mi, and it was inspired by the overcrowding of the Central Park Zoo back before zoo designs were reformed to recreate the animals habitats and give them space The illustrations are so bright and fun, too.

  9. Mary Mary says:

    A cute book full of a wide variety of talking animals The text comes from a musical, Do Re Mi originally on Broadway in 1960 While the text is funny, it would help to have the audible song handy to get the rhythm Some youtube videos are available.

  10. Magila Magila says:

    4.5This is a book for young children Adapted from the lyrics of a broadway show tune, it has a fun cadence and a bunch of animal sounds and noises With a few foldout pages, it s sure to be an Nagano favorite of the 2 3 crowd Recommended.