Here s the dog s life as seen through the eyes and imaginations of, among others, Charles Addams, Edward Koren, Saul Steinberg, and the dog s all time best friend, James Thurbercartoons in all from The New Yorker over the pastyears

10 thoughts on “The New Yorker Book of Dog Cartoons

  1. anarki anarki says:

    Never had a pet dog, but this made laugh hard.

  2. Alina Maria Ciobanu Alina Maria Ciobanu says:

    A little souvenir from New York a delightful collection of classic dog cartoons featured in The New Yorker over the years.

  3. Karen Karen says:

    Another book read in the interest of emptying my shelves in preparation to move I liked all of these cartoons, and found it interesting to compare them I had always paid attention to contentthan signature, but the different artists have very different styles My favorite was Charles Barotti s Sparky.

  4. Laura Laura says:

    This year marks 15 years since my parents gave me this book as a gift and in all that time I ve read it again and again and it never gets old When I pulled it out last week to read while brushing my teeth, I nearly spewed mouthwash it was so funny all over again

  5. Poulline Poulline says:

    This book is a win It has some of finer things life can offer, New Yorker comedy dog Just perfect.Such great coffee table reads.

  6. Allison Allison says:

    10 10 all very good dogs, would read again

  7. Catherine Woodman Catherine Woodman says:

    Great collection from a classic source

  8. Crystal Crystal says:

    this books makes me laught in every page and I like dog.