Kathleen Martin spent several weeks in the tiny village of Kamakwie in the interior of Sierra Leone, where she worked with a Canadian medical team Staying in the grounds of the community hospital, Kathleen had the opportunity to meet with the people of the village The experience was a revelation Her mission was to talk to people about their lives, aspirations and their An excellent chronicle of several weeks the author spent in a Sierra Leone village She offers a wonderfully intimate portrait of the people who live there their hardships, their hopes and ambitions, and their psychological and physical scars from civil war An insightful window into the everyday lives of people in a developing nation Abundantly illustrated with color photographs. A good introduction to some of the challenges of living in Sierre Leone after the civil war Wonderful work they are doing, but I couldn t help but be a little dismayed by the sense of the Canadians coming to the rescue of the people of Sierre Leone, not a true partnership. I highly recommend this incredible nonfiction narrative published by Red Deer Press.