The st century sees an increasing number of cultural minorities in the United States Particularly, the rise in multi cultural or mixed heritage families is on the rise As with many trends, just as the amount of diversity increases, so does the level of resistance in groups that oppose this diversityWhile this problem exists through life for persons from multicultural backgrounds, the tension is particularly acute for children, whose identities and socialization experiences are still in formation With parents from different cultural backgrounds, as well as school and community experiences giving that might question their diverse heritage, children are likely to experience distressing confusion How can they come to terms with this conflict, and how can family and community help them to resolve it Combining case studies and interviews, this work particularly focuses on multi cultural families as a yet untapped source of information about inter culture contact Voices of Diversity Multiculturalism in America will be both a resource for researchers and practitioners, as well as a practical guide to families dealing with these issues every day

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