Music depresses meDancing distresses me Everything turns out wrongThat s why, the whole day long,I feel so gloomyInspired by Ludwig Bechstein s nineteenth century poem, Axel Scheffler has created a set of delightfully dark depictions of misanthropic misery Julia Donaldson, Axel s collaborator on The Gruffalo, has penned a wry, witty new translation of the original German The result is a triumph of negativity, in the macabre yet merry spirit of the late, great Edward Gorey Superbly miserable, brilliantly curmudgeonly and oddly cheering, gloominess has never been so appealingIf you have ever felt that winter is cold and dreary but spring comes too soon each year, or that you d rather just pull up the bedclothes and turn out the light, then The Gloomster is the book for you

10 thoughts on “The Gloomster

  1. Andy Hickman Andy Hickman says:

    Axel Scheffler illustrates a translation of The Gloomster , Ludwig Bechstei s nineteenth century poem Humorously depressing, the Gloomster is having a gloomy day.e.g Music depresses me.Dancing distresses me.Everything turns out wrong.That s why, the whole day long,I feel so gloomy.

  2. Karen Karen says:

    A nicely put together wee book.

  3. Birgit Birgit says:

    This is as gloomy as gloomy can get

  4. Dallass Dallass says:

    Picked this book up in a discount bin for 3 and I loved it I was drawn to the artwork on the cover, and thankfully it continues throughout this oh so short book only 30 pages It is basically just an illustrated poem that took me about 90 seconds to get through A fun read, with a complete copy of the original German poem as well as the English translation.

  5. Louise Louise says:

    Full Review Stars Full Review Stars

  6. Catherine Catherine says: