From best selling author Sandra Cabot MDBalancing your hormones can save your marriage, as well as your husband s life Maybe you don t care Chances are that you are angry, frustrated, tired and just over it That s your perspective and it s real and probably justified hell who wants to be a perfect superwoman and mum and wife at the same time The expectations on women these days to be everything to everybody whilst under the influence of hormonal upheaval can be enough to see you reach breaking pointBut over the years, I have seen plenty of marriages saved and some husbands have a lucky escape from an angry wife and thus I know the power and stress of hormone dysfunction I have been truly impressed by the ability of natural progesterone to restore hormonal and mental equanimity to women within a short time of just a few weeks For many women natural progesterone is a miracle healer and yet they don t know about it In this book you will learn why natural progesterone is one of medicine s best kept secrets and why doctors are outside their comfort zone without this knowledge Thankfully Doctor Cabot s nearlyyears of clinical experience and research is available today to help you feel control in your lifeIf you are a woman you may buy this book to help yourself or your daughters or perhaps to save your marriage Your unsuspecting husband would probably not buy it, because he would think it s only a funny humorous book written in a sarcastic way Well if only he knew just how much danger he was in, I think this book would appear quickly on the best seller list of the New York Times