Even before Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin began their NHL careers in , the two players were rivals They first met at the World U Junior Championship, playing for the gold medal, and ever since they have been opponents in the NHL and international arenas No two star players could be so different Crosby is the consummate captain and team player, the responsible face of the NHL Ovechkin is the loose cannon on ice and off, capable of a great play or a cocky comment Sid vs Ovi traces this intense rivalry game by game, year by year, fromtoand beyond Their biographies are given consideration alongside their in game performance and career development to present a clear picture of their lives, their careers, their league, and their countries Hockey fans can well be divided into those who prefer one or the other of this pair of scintillating talents But one thing is certain the presence of one inspires the other to greater heights From the Trade Paperback edition

10 thoughts on “Sid vs. Ovi: Crosby and Ovechkin - Natural Born Rivals

  1. Chris Chris says:

    So so comparison of Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin from their rookie seasons in 2005 2006 through June 2011, focusing on their games against each other The book was definitely biased toward Crosby and painted a pretty unflattering picture of Ovechkin I mean, I prefer Sid to Ovi myself, but Pretty sure I told the book, You aren t even tryingthan once.

  2. John John says:

    A good book but not a lot of real info on the two Just snapshot of what is in the media The author is heavily leaning one way which questions some of the way things are viewed Mostly a game by game view when head to head.

  3. Benjamin Coleman Benjamin Coleman says:

    A very interesting book comparing Sydney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin It Compares the two players and there two different styles and every game they ve played against each other A must read for any hockey fan

  4. Dcurry Dcurry says:

    It was pretty narly