It s been a shamefully long time since I ve read an entire collection of poems and am I ever glad that this broke the streak I needed these poems They are muscular and unexpected and really, really good. This slender book contains achingly beautiful poems, so raw, so genuine I wish poets of this caliber were better celebrated I don t know how I found this book, on a slender thread indeed, and I had to go through interlibrary loan to get a copy I like to go through the library before buying Glad I did. Graduated High School with Rose I know her writing will be great. Set in the Appalachian landscape, Rose McLarney s debut collection, The Always Broken Plates of Mountains, gives voice to a chorus of speakers, who are at once plainspoken, reverent, and musical There is a tenderness that persists as McLarney explores mountain land and those who live and love and lose on it, and what it means to be faithful to oneself, to one s heritage, and to one another