Ethan and Nyan her, the mechanic and he, a Director of Finanace within a family company Middle class meets generational wealthy Although, this book was entertaining and the writing style was a bit less than, its point was made Society is comprised of superficial divisions that can be demonished when motivated the choice to loveand lust. Nyah has serviced Ethan s custom built car for months, and she can t wait to see him each time he comes into her shop But how can a man who comes from money like he does a playboy who owns a penthouse apartment in uptown Charlotte take a mechanic like her seriously Half the time she can t get all the grease from under her chipped fingernails, and she s comfortable in a ratty T shirt and jeans than a dress and heels Hell, she doesn t even own a dress That doesn t stop Ethan from offering her what he is interested in a no strings attached sexual relationship Nyah s fearful of losing her heart, but she can t resist the man s touch or his words His world is nothing like she s ever experienced, but when all is said and done, and Ethan s interest cools, will she be able to walk away unscathed