Edited by JCA Stagg, Jeanne Kerr Cross, Jewel L Spangler, Ellen J Barber, Martha J King, Anne Mandeville Colony, and Susan Holbrook PerdueThis fourth volume covers events in James Madison s first administration betweenNovemberandJuly , corresponding almost exactly with the duration of the first session of the Twelfth Congress Madison s two most important presidential decisions buttress this volume his advocacy of preparedness in Novemberand his request in Junethat Congress consider his case for war against Great BritainThe documents from the intervening months chart the difficulties of the path to war On the diplomatic front, Madison worked to clarify French policy toward neutrals On the domestic front, divided opinions over war are revealed in addresses from citizens an state legislatures Madison planned offensive operations against Canada, imposed an embargo on shipping, and endured threats to his renomination for a second term Finally, Madison delivered his war message to Congress in June , accusing Great Britain of an accumulation of grievances that stretch back to This volume also includes a supplement of forty five items of newly discovered material from Marchto October