A new friend for Laura Nothing s going right for Laura Her friend Molly has moved to Kansas for a year And her other FriendsEver, Stevie and Meg, are in a different class and go to soccer practice after school Laura doesn t play soccer Worse still, since her mother s gone back to work, Laura has to go to the After School Program every day with all the little kidsThen Laura becomes friends with Shana, a new girl who feels the same way Laura does about the After School Program Laura tries to tell Meg and Stevie how nice Shana is, but all they do is make fun of Shana s spiky hair and wild earrings So Laura seeks advice from Molly With Molly s help, can Laura convince her old friends to accept her new friend

10 thoughts on “2 Sweet 2 B 4-Gotten

  1. Chelsea Chelsea says:

    This drivel was awesome back in the day.

  2. Ashley Ashley says:

    it was interesting