It s great to be home or is it After living in Kansas for over a year, Molly wants than anything to go back to Rhode Island, where her FriendsEver, Laura, Meg, and Stevie, are Then her parents give her an early Christmas present a round trip ticket home for the holidays Being with her friends is great at first But gradually Molly begins to feel like a visitor who no longer belongs there Some of the kids and teachers at school don t recognize her, and her own best friends are doing new things that she can t be part of Molly is confused Can she sort out her mixed up feelings and feel at home again

10 thoughts on “Sealed With a Hug

  1. Kylie Abecca Kylie Abecca says:

    I picked up this book thinking it would be a bit like Pen Pals, or the Baby Sitters club, but it was neither I found it so boring it took me allots a week to get through it, when usually I can read three to five books of this size per day

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    Hope, Laura Lee