In Het levende labyrint vermoedt Alexa dat er meer aan de hand is met de manier waarop haar vader om het leven kwam Terwijl ze aan een nieuw semester op Untreaceable University begint en de intrigerende Marty ontmoet, probeert ze te achterhalen wat haar vader in de laatste maanden van zijn leven heeft gedaan Als ze ontdekt dat hij en zijn zus betrokken waren bij een topgeheim onderzoek naar een zeventiende eeuws manuscript over destructieve magische muziek, roept ze het onheil over zichzelf af ze moet opboksen tegen krachten die uit alle macht willen voorkomen dat de waarheid uitkomt Die waarheid zal gruwelijker zijn dan ze zich kan voorstellen Uiteindelijk komt ze voor een keuze te staan die niet alleen haar eigen leven in gevaar brengt, maar ook de levens van haar beste vrienden kan verwoesten

10 thoughts on “Het levende labyrint (De verborgen universiteit, #2)

  1. Annemieke / A Dance with Books Annemieke / A Dance with Books says:

    Het Stille Labyrint is the sequel to De Erfenis van Richard Grenville from the Dutch urban fantasy series Untracable University I really enjoyed the first installment to this trilogy While I had meant to read this sooner, the length of the book 600 pages kept me from picking it up It shouldn t have I read most of this in one afternoon One of the things that I love about this series is the amount of detail that goes into this world And I m not talking about the descriptions of London or of the university There is a lot of detail that has gone into incorporating the magic into our history and explaining the theory of magic from various subject matters like ethic, history, music and so on At moments it can feel like too much information though it s not really info dumping It is that it sometimes goes so deep into the matter in the shortest way possible that I need to read it a few times to let it sink in completely The length of the book gives plenty of opportunity to explore the various characters even though we mostly follow Alexa In this book we learn about her father, her aunt, her two professors Rafiel and Matthews, and Daniel Fenrick A big portion we spend in the past through journal entries Something I don t often like But the build up to learning what happened to these characters has been so long, I wanted to know what happened and eagerly read these entries I enjoyed learning about these characters Alexa had a hard time in this book Physially and emotionally She feels alone when Sander finds a romantic interest, she gets her own heart broken, and learns the even harder lesson that no world is perfect Certainly not this magic world And not all can be trusted I don t agree with all of her decisions, but in part I can understand them I don t think there is a character in this series that I truly dislike There is something interesting and something to deepen about all the characters in this book, including characters like Lester and Colin view spoiler insert my internal weeping about Colin hide spoiler

  2. Marlies Marlies says:

    beautiful style but you have to adapt to the is slow

  3. Janneke Janneke says:

    DNF I got sad over the fact she was loving uni and I had no clue what I was going to do so I quit

  4. Judith Judith says:

    It s never smart to read books that are part of an unfinished series Now I have to wait for the end Please be quick, Natalie Koch More than its predecessor, the living labyrinth weaves stories into stories From time to time I wondered whose story I was reading, a problem the antagonist faced herself too Is that why I love reading so much Books allowing me to lead someone else s life and forget my own Aren t good books always magic, regardless of their topic Still part of the magic didn t quite live up to itself A strange anticlimax in the labyrinth, leaving me with a disappointing Is this it But maybe that is where the third volume comes in There is room for so much I eagerly await the next spell.

  5. Sam Fish Sam Fish says:

    Alexa s story continues It s her second semester at the Untracable University in London and it s everything but ordinary I m not talking about the magic, I m talking about the things she s able to do and how she gets to know everything about her gather and aunt People who are dead appear to be not that dead, some even are still alive.I couldn t remember much about part two of this series, so I m really happy that I decided to read it again, before reading part three There was some real tension in this book, very thrilling And the ending is such a tease I m really happy I can start reading part three right away.

  6. Ray Akerboom Ray Akerboom says:

    The second part of a series allways has the disadvantage that the new sparkling moments of discoveries are behind us, as a reader And this book too has that Nevertheless it is still spellbinding if I may use that phrase enough to go on and read, read Although there is a lot about diving in a diary, which is tiring than most of the rest, it still makes it all quite interesting and you want to know how things develop Both facts as relationships between the characters As is also usual in a cliffhanger in a series of books, you end on a rather depressing note with just a flint of hope But that only makes it better

  7. Maj Maj says:

    OK, so it started of a little different, like who s eyes am I now different But then it went back to being Lex, so that was cool Once I got to the Lex reads Len part, I got confused and had to stop reading sometimes to check wether or not I was reading diaryentriesSeriously why kill C and not C I know, not explaining a lot, but otherways I d have to say SPOILER ALERT , and I find that a lot of work So Natalie, you made me want to read Dutch lit but please kill off C It d be a better world for everyone And if you take out L in the process, I wouldn t mind

  8. Elleke Elleke says:

    A few questions were answered, and new questions appeared Some great character developments, although Alexa irritates me somewhat with her irresponsible decisions and one mindedness She does some stupid things that are very obvious a Very Bad Idea, but she doesn t seem to realize On to the final book Which won t arrive until Tuesday.

  9. Joke De ruiter Joke De ruiter says:

    Looking forward to the next book

  10. Mirjam Mirjam says:

    An incredible sequel but one that makes the hints of darkness in the first book look positively bright I loved delving into the story of the previous generation it was not unlike getting the Marauders book I still feel Rowling owes me , but it was painful as well these characters paid so dearly for their childhood mistakes We got to know them a lot better in this book, and that wasn t necessarily a pleasant experience, because their flaws or perhaps just character traits I don t care for were revealed to Alexa in great detail I d grown attached to Matthews in the first book and found him far less sympathetic here That s not a sign of bad writing it s a sign of my investment in the story and characters my experience mirrored Alexa s I loved learning about the mystery that killed Alexa s father, and I loved the attention to music as a science in this book.