MINIMAL ART AND ARTISTS This book is is a study of Minimal art and artists, particularly painters, sculptors,D, installation and land artistsAll of the key practitioners and theoreticians of the still influential s Minimal art movement and style are studied here Donald Judd, Robert Morris, Carl Andre, Frank Stella, Robert Ryman, Robert Smithson, Brice Marden, Dan Flavin, Eva Hesse, Sol LeWitt, and many land artists such as Robert Smithson, Christo, James Turrell and Michael HeizerChapters include Minimal aesthetics Minimal painting and painters Minimal sculptors and sculpture Minimal art and land artists and Minimal art todayFully illustratedpages Large formatThe text has been fully revised for this edition, with new illustrations added crmoonThe Minimal artists did not consider themselves a group they did not produce manifestos they did not agree on sthetics or working practices though some were friends they tended not to be directly involved in political art Minimal art was conservative than counter culture and they disliked the term minimalismIt tended to be the critics as usual who came up with the terms for the new art Lucy Lippard used the term structurist , dematerialization and eccentric abstraction Michael Fried had literalist and objecthood Peter Hutchinson used Mannerist Barbara Rose coined ABC Art Lawrence Alloway had systematic painting Robert Morris took up unitary forms and anti form and Donald Judd employed speci c objectsProbably the premier Minimal artist and philosopher is Donald Judd Judd stands at the centre of Minimal art, and no account of Minimalism is complete without placing Judd in the foreground Robert Smithson, Frank Stella, Donald Judd, Ad Reinhardt, Robert Morris and Carl Andre have been among the most lucid of theorists among artistsIn the s and s, it seemed as if every artist went through a Minimal period at some time in their career, as well as a painting as sculpture period, and a brush with performance art and perhaps body art Both a Conceptual art phase and an on going installation art preoccupation were mandatory for contemporary artists, it seems All contemporary art can be viewed as basically Conceptual art, and a increasing proportion of it is installation art