Some really interesting stuff in here. My Goodreads has been proclaiming I ve been reading this for over a year now, so I figured I ought to actually track down my copy and read it Turns out it s a very well researched and thoroughly documented examination of the ways homosexual acts and homosexual desires were spoken of in the public sphere, particularly in terms of legal proceedings However, an examination of the same in private correspondence which I really wanted to see was very thin and tangential. Homosexuality became increasingly visible in th century English society and problems related to the secret vice and the love that dare not speak its name go to the root of Victorian social and cultural historyNameless Offences shows how the homosexual closet was created Prevention of slander and the vilification involved in scandals among the ruling classes were potent reasons to marginalize homosexuality and create the closet The Victorian masculine character was at issue as the homosexual scandals of thes exposed the gulf between notions of private and public morality