This is not a pretty book It is a book that contains all the mess and grunge of a real life My life with an eating disorder This is a look from the inside Written while I am still recovering, this book is an attempt to give all those who have never had to live within the war zone of an eating disorder a real look at the battleground So welcome, then Welcome to the inside of my own head Welcome to my land of thin thoughts and fat fears Welcome to my attempt to become drop dead gorgeous Let s hope we make it out alive I appreciate what this is trying to do, but I found it difficult to follow possibly this is partly just an ebook formatting issue, because there wasn t any delineation between for example exposition and old diary entries I think she was making a serious effort which, again, I appreciate to avoid the sorts of specifics that can be triggering, but the end result feels like a lot of telling and not a lot of scenea collection of ideas poured out onto the page.