This book, which tells Lakes s life story through an authorized biography and his sermons, shows perhapsthan any other how bold faith like John G Lake s can come alive in any believer who will receive

10 thoughts on “John G. Lake: The Complete Collection of His Life Teachings

  1. Larry Larry says:

    Great book John G Lake was an amazing man, you see all these so called modern day healers but John Lake has most of his works documented He didn t do it for an audience he just did it out of compassion and he had a gift for healing and he was smart enough to know that you needed proof.

  2. Kim Kim says:

    Awesome, Great Book.

  3. Theuns Theuns says:

    Awesome book.

  4. Vrbeyond Vrbeyond says:

    This is man was one of the most tremendous men of God that ever walked this earth.This book contains everything you will ever want to know about him, his teachings, his faith in God.

  5. Jonathan Brenneman Jonathan Brenneman says:

    One of the books I keep going back to, along with the complete collection of Smith Wigglesworth sermons, and the Bible Very encouraging Lake understood the truth that Jesus came in the flesh.