We are born fearing the dark, or at least, what lives in the dark, the things with teeth and fangs and blood on their breath And now, darkness is falling in the city in the country around the globe in the universe It s the end of the Mayan Long Count It s the zombie apocalypse It s an extinction event It s well, does it really matter what it is It s over And what will be left when all is lost Will there be love A feeling of d j vu A sense of relief An overriding instinct for survival in the face of an indifferent Fate What lessons have we learned What legacy will we leave behind when night falls forever Is anyone listening Is anyone watching Will there be anyone, or anything, left to bear witness when the last light fails Dark Valentine Press presents Nightfalls Notes from the end of the world, a charity anthology in which twenty nine writers from three different countries present their unique visions of the end of the world in half a dozen genres These short stories run the gamut from hilarious to heart breaking, with stops at all the emotions in between

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