The dog has been our best friend for thousands of years No animal lover can fail to cherish this versatile and endearing animal, combining strength, personality, intelligence and a willing nature This book is a complete guide to understanding and looking after your pet dog It contains advice on buying a dog and information on all aspects of canine care, from choosing bedding and feeding bowls to health care and first aid Sections on breeding and whelping are included, as well as instructions for training your dog from puppyhood to adulthood

10 thoughts on “Step-By-Step Guide to Dog Care: Practical Advice on Feeding, Grooming, Breeding, Training, Health Care and First Aid, with More Than 300 Photographs

  1. Sara Sara says:

    Great photos but too much emphasis on breeding and showing I d rather haveemphasis on obedience training and socialization.

  2. Craig Craig says:

    Too insubstantial too be truly useful.