We should have awakened to the sun streaming in from across the valley, but this is not a story about things as they should be, and it was a dark blustery morning, blasting the blossom off the may Only in the shelter of the high hedgerows down in the lanes streaked with red mud was there ant escape from the wind and the rainJust as we were putting on our boots, I pinned down the unidentified fear of the night before I had slept without my asthma pillow It was not the first time But this was the first time I had slept without it and not properly noticed until the morning after This must, I though, be love Would it be punished to

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  1. Derek Bridge Derek Bridge says:

    This novel didn t do much for me the first time I read it.This novel didn t do much for me the second time I read it.At least I gave it a chance.