A New World Order What if sex roles were completely reversed And men were sweet little ing nues while women were chivalrous titans Robert s life in the early twenty first century was pretty awful He was lonely, bored, and unloved And then, to top it all off, he got murdered just for being in the wrong place at the wrong timeBut, five hundred years later, he woke up in utopia Revived and given a beautiful new body, he found himself in an age of peace and plenty, where work was done by robots and machines, and in which his only purpose was to be wooed and won by the magnificent superwomen who rule the planetEverything seemed perfect Until he realized that someone, somewhere, was trying to murder him AgainAnd this time, they were going to make certain he stayed deadTake a voyage to a strange new world in this lavishly illustrated new work from author Brad Amante The first of a series