Good readAs this was my first free book and not an author I had read before, I was skeptical of the quality I was pleased I made this choice and would recommend it. There is a stranger amongst the residents of the cave riddled village of Reynier, France Suspicious, they believe there s only one reason Maurelle Dupre would be lurking in their small village she s a gypsy, a thief But a former Chicago detective turned mystery author, Dave Martin, who happens to be visiting his French grandmother, isn t so sure about the beautiful stranger when happenstance causes them to meet He wonders why she seems so frightened and distrustful He knows he shouldn t get involved The last time he trusted a woman in distress, the consequences resulted in the loss of his detective s shield and his wife But, as always, the detective in him can t seem to leave well enough alone However, what Dave couldn t know is how persuading Maurelle to reveal herself will ultimately unveil something far worse than mere theft In the Shadows is a story of trust, belonging, and murder In the ShadowsWell written mystery and enjoyable development of the characters A few too many complications not always believable but it did add to the plot line Dave s dedication to finding the truth on Maura s behalf was interesting I did enjoy as it was an easy read. Best of the series I read the first three books of the series and must admit, I like In the Shadows the best The series does not have to be read in order because the author copies pieces from the previous book to keep you up to date which some, like me, find annoying Luckily as the first book in the series, it did not have to rely on this device The story takes place in the small fictional french town of Reynier, one that is the visual part of a tremendous cave system The main characters are Maurelle, a mysterious woman with a past, Dave, an American ex policeman visiting his grandmother, the towns people, all of whom are suspicious of outsiders, some really catty women who will infuriate you , and a murder victim That is to just set the scene There is a love interest, a woman scorned, dirty tricks, a dog, lots of caves, deception,lies, intrigue and finally, a twist As I don t want to give the story or plot away, I will end my review here with a Reaganesque take It is a pretty darn good read Well, not as good as Red October, but still better than expected. Another good readLoved the two older gals a lot of spunk, the story was okHeld my interests would have liked a little to the ending was cut off with just a kiss I would have liked it to go a bit farther but overall was a good story A Good MysteryThis was an enjoyable read I did guess who the murderer was which spoiled it a bit I was a bit disappointed with the ending However, I loved the two older women characters.