A haunting and bold new retelling of Hans Christian Anderson s The Little Mermaid set during the Napoleonic wars Adrianna lives with her mother in a small town overlooking the River Rhine Taking in washing to make ends meet, it s a simple life and Adrianna yearns for something Christian, a prince, lives in the castle above the town Trapped by duty and the responsibility his title entails, he longs for his freedom After a girl disappears from the town, Adrianna stumbles across the body floating in the river Following the accident, she starts to hear a song calling her and a voice haunting her dreams Going for a walk one morning, she meets Lorelei who turns out to be a mermaid Lorelei steals her legs, leaving Adrianna trapped in the river She must find a way to get her legs back and rescue the prince, who Lorelei loves But Napoleon s armies are sweeping across Europe and nothing will ever be the same