The only thing worse than dying is never having it as an optionThe Tarimain, the immortal soldiers of God, tasked with fighting on the front lines of the eternal war, uncover a dark demonic plot to raise an army Atharron, a four thousand year old former ruler of Calnis Sarah, apathetic, but determined to do her duty and Luke, a young Tarimai discovering the wonders and burdens of immortality Together, they make their way through the first half of the twentieth century on the trail of a Great President of Hell and the mysterious Man with the EyesPlymouth, England, Luke, Sarah and Atharron find a body in the woods, attacked by a vampire But evidence points to something else, something different, something evolved than a standard vampire And dangerous The eighth Chronicle in the Tarimain serieswordsThe sound of police as they searched the area sounded throughout the wood, then died down a hour before dawn as the last officers gave up looking for anything, believing their report was nothing than a hoax or misinterpreted soundAs the vampire regained consciousness, he listened to the sounds A hooting owl replaced the humans He tasted dirt in his mouth and struggled to move The pain in his neck was subsiding, but it remained a throbbing ache, and he felt it healing, half way there alreadyHe pushed against the soil covering him and thrust his hand into the open air, feeling the cool breeze brush against his damp and muddy skin He grappled for something to hold and found a tree root sticking from the ground He took hold of it and pulled himself from his grave He spat out dirt, but couldn t breath enough to do than just push it out with his tongue He felt at his neck there was a great hole where his larynx had been, but he knew that would heal He pushed himself to his feet, and let the earth fall back into the empty hollow of his early grave