The only thing worse than death is never having it as an optionThe Tarimain, the immortal soldiers of God, tasked with fighting on the front lines of the eternal war, uncover a dark demonic plot to raise an army Atharron, a four thousand year old former ruler of Calnis Sarah, apathetic, but determined to do her duty and Luke, a young Tarimai discovering the wonders and burdens of immortality Together, they make their way through the first half of the twentieth century on the trail of a Great President of Hell and the mysterious Man with the EyesPlymouth, England, With impossible things happening, and a vampire army on the rise, Luke, Sarah, and Atharron must find out what s causing the world to fall into disorder But deep in the heart of a gothic cathedral, within the Shrine of the Magi, the Man with the Eyes is awakeningwordsAs Dabvadhaj chained the last up, Malthus stepped up to the crowd of weeping, miserable creatures, You have been chosen You are the best in all the required fields Do not cry, do not be scared You have a unique opportunity to become My lieutenants here are going to make you stronger, faster, better at healing, and above all, immortal My only requirement is that you come willingly And what if we don t one of the prisoners shouted, a stocky, but muscular man in his mid twenties, You just going to let us go No You become food The man s eyes widened in horror, You don t You come willingly, you will be treated with the respect you deserve, you help me get what I need, and you can rise up the ranks and achieve phenomenal rewards Insubordination will not be tolerated, and lawbreaking will be punished harshly First offences will result in punishments due your station and crime, you will be told what you did, and how it affects our cause Second offences will be met with execution in front of your peers What are we to do when we join said a girl, barely out of her teens You are to be separated into divisions best suited to your abilities, where you will serve in the name of your Great Lord Sifellon to fight the final war against the usurper who calls himself Yahweh I d rather die than serve you, Nazi the stocky man saidMalthus stepped up to him and grabbed his neck, slamming the man against the wall of the cave, I am not a Nazi, and I resent being compared to those idiots You are going to fight a nobler cause, not the conquest of lands, nor racial cleansing, nor revenge You are going to fight to overthrow the greatest threat to the multiverse any man has ever known You are going to take down God