The first comprehensive study asking children and their mothers and fathers for their family views on work and family life offers dozens of proven strategies busy families can use to feel successful at work and at home Noted work family researcher Ellen Galinsky overtunes accepted thinking on quality vs quantity time and many other guilt inducing myths , reveals children s one greatest wish for changing how work affects their parents lives, shares relationship stories of how families stay close, and outlines a brilliant new set of operating principles to navigate work family challenges, including Proven tactics for enhancing life at work Ways to de stress at work and at home How to encourage family communication and what to say to do once you have your child s attention How to decode the messages your children are getting about the world and work Simple family traditions that foster well adjusted children And much

10 thoughts on “Ask the Children: The Breakthrough Study That Reveals How to Succeed at Work and Parenting

  1. Margaret Margaret says:

    As a new mom going back to work, this was the perfect read Galinsky makes a strong case that the primary U.S narrative of work vs staying at home is unhelpful and completely inaccurate from the child s point of view Instead, she focuses attention on things that do matter how you spend time with your kid, how you manage your stress and what sort of support network to build.