Amruta, a novel is one of the earlier works of Raghuveer In Amruta, The author explores functional aspect of human life Amruta is the story of Amruta and two men in her life It races human nature, bonds and ideologies using thesecharacers and their conversation This book is in Gujarati

10 thoughts on “Amruta

  1. Yogesh Yogesh says:

    Amazing book, toughest Hindi I have ever read. I think I need to read the book again Simple and practical approach of writer present some simple yet complex meaning of life Some of the conversation in the book are breath taking, makes you think what writer is saying.Another read is needed.A must read I say.

  2. Trilok Trilok says:

    excellent book , sucessful potrayal of existentialism blended in Indian Gujarati culture and context.

  3. Vipul Vipul says:

  4. Beenita Jignesh Beenita Jignesh says:

    The meaning of life is still a question after reading this book..

  5. Jigu Jigu says: