Van Vlymen gives one pause to think about what we are missing by not pursuing the angelic realm His simplicitic writing style didn t take away from his experiences of the wondrous occupancy of God s heavenly hosts His list at the end of the book of modern day prophets and instructional videos on how to pursue supernatural encounters is great A very worthwhile read. What does angelic activity look like in our contemporary world today How do angels help us How do they protect us Do they ever appear, and if so, what do they look like These are just a few of the questions that are answered in the book Angelic Visitations Angels are very involved in our everyday lives Angels help us in every conceivable way, helping to solve problems both big and small This book reveals many of the ways Angels interact with people today The Angel stories and supernatural encounters in this book cover many ways the Angels work with us and how the supernatural power of God is manifested in the lives of everyday ordinary believers Dozens of stories that cover everything from Angels appearing as human to Angels appearing in the spirit, Angels protecting us from evil and Angels protecting us in everyday life There are also stories of supernatural provision and miraculous events You will read stories of powerful and very serious Angels and also Angels that are engaging and friendly with hearts to serve God and help us Angels are real and we can acknowledge them and be aware of them if we choose The Bible says that we should look upon the things that are unseenCor Let s take that sound advice Simple and powerful Testimonies have a seed that can grow until the same thing ends up happening to is They build faith I ended this book we a muchstronger faith in the supernatural power of God I know God wants to releaserevelations and experiences on this subject to all who seek for them Reading a book like this is one of the best ways to reach that place. What do you know I guess I expected to learn something I didn t know This book is a list of encounters with angels that are primarily as follows I opened the door and there was an angel Then what I had a dream about an angel And Unfulfilling. InterestingHard to believe that ordinary people could experience such wonders That would be a real uplifting to anyone s soul God bless. Awesome BookThis is ano thy her great book It has opened my eyes It was literally hard to set down once I started to read Highly recommended to read. Wow I highly recommend this book to all who want to be informed and encouraged to grow in the supernatural things God is doing in the Earth todaythis is to be our normalread this book and Michael s other book How to See in the Spirit You will be blessed and begin to see and move in the supernatural as never before God is moving thru all who are willingThese books will enlighten you and bless your walk with the Lord and for His purposes. Angelic Visitations And Supernatural EncountersAngelic Visitations And Supernatural EncountersVery educational for me I love reading the testimonies Very encouraging as well Will also read the recommended books Thank you sir for sharing your spiritual experience. I loved it This book is not just to encourage you to see supernatural manifestations in your life It is to also encourage you to draw close to the Father Because when you spend time in His presence, you see unusual happenings I was also able to relate to him because he is just a normal Christian just like me. Great bookMichael s book is great great Many encouraging events and encounters to help our faith in the Lord Loved it and would encourage others to read also.