Private detectives get all kinds of odd, cases Bob Holmes is a private eye, and odd doesn t even come close to characterizing the case that develops when a bizarre looking young woman walks into his office and hires him to retrieve a pair of roller skates for her The task sounds like a cakewalk and Bob allots half a day to wrapping it up Weeks later he s bruised, battered, in love with his client and still hasn t managed to liberate the skates So who has them Some Mafioso An Asian crime lord A Chicago street gang Nothing so simple No, this villain tops them all, and Bob is no match for his client s motherTold in a faintly noir style, with overtones of the Keystone Cops, this tale will leave you breathless, initially from laughter, and eventually from the erotic scenes as Bob s life takes a turn for the better Warning This book contains adult content and language and is not appropriate for persons under the age of eighteen