This collection contains Sydney Jane Baily s Book One An Improper Situation, Book Two An Irresistible Temptation, and Book Three An Inescapable Attraction in the Sanborn Malloy Series of historical romances set in s America AN IMPROPER SITUATION With her chestnut hair and striking green eyes, Charlotte should be the catch of Spring City, Colorado But she wears her independence like an impenetrable suit of armor and cloaks her identity behind her famed writing nom de plume of Charles Sanborn She s ayear old confirmed spinster who won t risk heartbreak, until a handsome stranger awakens her yearning both for companionship and for indulgent pleasure Boston lawyer Reed Malloy has a solemn mission to deliver two orphaned children to their Colorado cousin He s not prepared for Charlotte being utterly innocent and yet irresistibly beguiling, or for her brewing resentment and flat out refusal to raise her kin It will take some firsthand persuasion if he is to complete his legal duty and, perhaps, resolve tantalizing issues When Charlotte forsakes everything familiar and two thousand miles of America s heartland no longer separate her from Reed unforeseen influences conspire to keep them apart The high society of the Boston Brahmins welcomes her while concealed malice abounds With the intrusion of sinister forces and scorned women and with passions ablaze Reed and Charlotte find themselves in a very Improper Situation AN IRRESISTIBLE TEMPTATION Sophie Malloy had her heart ripped in half and tossed back in her pretty face Luckily, this classically trained pianist has a penchant for travel From Boston, she sets out for Colorado to do a favor for her only sister in law Not expecting excitement in tiny Spring City, she never imagined she d be knocked into the street five minutes after disembarking the train And certainly not by a dusty cowboy with soft brown eyes and a devastatingly sexy grin Riley Dalcourt is stunned At first meeting, he knows Sophie is the woman of his dreams, with her dark hair, intelligent eyes, and purple unmentionables Unfortunately, he s already engaged Honor bound, he s determined to go through with his commitment to his fianc e Yet he simply can t seem to stay away from the sweet tempered beauty who has entered his life so unexpectedly, or forget her when she leaves just as quickly With the lively s San Francisco and the dangerous Barbary Coast as the backdrop, Sophie and Riley reunite while following their individual dreams Amid cable cars and concert halls, they must decide if their undeniable attraction is true love or merely An Irresistible Temptation AN INESCAPABLE ATTRACTION In a year of roaming the West, angel faced, sharp tongued Eliza encounters a world of card sharks and low life gamesters, all the while trying to forget the searing brand of one man s fiery kisses In a dangerous game of high stakes poker, she tangles with the wrong gambler and finds herself in a heap of trouble With heartache haunting her relentlessly and a killer on her trail, she has no choice but to run Thaddeus Sanborn has always had a weakness for the girl he calls Ellie Even though she cut him to the quick by getting engaged to his childhood friend, she s the only female who s ever kept his interest smoldering at a scorching level When she steams unexpectedly into his carefree life, derailing his plans for getting rich, he s stunned by the trouble that accompanies her But he ll do just about anything even kill to protect her