If you have wanted to have an out of body experience, but were intimidated by books on the subject, Out of Body Exploring is for you This is an entry level to expert book everything from what OBEs are, to how you can have your own anytime you wantPreston Dennett began his explorations beyond the physical body nearly twenty years ago in an attempt to contact his deceased mother Thousands of OBEs later OBEs lasting anywhere from a few seconds to several hours he turns his attention from mastering the art to helping others Out of Body Exploring includes Dennett s initial forays into expanded consciousness, sharing the techniques he experimented with, and discussing the people and sights both strange and familiar that he encountered along the wayPlus, he offers tips on how to go reliably out of body, and how to control and maintain this enhanced level of awareness for extended periodsThis is a guidebook to a whole new world Why wait any longer to explore it Really interesting ideas on the subject of astral dreaming.