Now get the entire Guardians of Atlantis series in one complete box set A mad scientist wants to merge human DNA with Atlantean DNA It s up to the Guardians of Atlantis to stop him BookTempting Eden Eden wants to forget her cheating boyfriend, empty bank account and dead end job on the sandy beaches of the Bahamas Sabre is on a mission to bring back human females from the surface but all that changes when he sees Eden He intends to keep her for himselfno matter the priceBookSeducing Eve Kidnapped and brought to Atlantis, Eve is desperate to escape her lab prison Lucian s mission is to investigate the kidnapped woman He never expects Eve to escape the lab, wreaking havoc Rescuing her, they re chased into the long deserted tunnels, trying to outrun fate and stay aliveBookRavishing Helene Helene is nursing a broken heart and ignoring the rebellion her brother is leading Only when she s captured by the enemy does she realize the peril she s in and her importance Raven is the only man who can rescue her from the radical scientist as well as mend her shattered heart Will she become part of the rebellion or suffer at the hands of supreme evil

10 thoughts on “Guardians of Atlantis Box Set

  1. Barb Han Barb Han says:

    The Guardians of Atlantis can guard me anytime These guys are smokin hot and the stories are just so well written Another slam dunk for Ms Miles I highly recommend