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10 thoughts on “ヒカルの碁 3

  1. Nicolo Yu Nicolo Yu says:

    Re-reading this series again reminded me how fun the middle school go team tournament was. A bunch of scrappy misfits versus the top school of the tournament. You will always cheer for the underdog.

  2. Kanna Ogihara Kanna Ogihara says:

    A Go tournament was started and Hikaru’s Go club could get a new member from a Go salon. However, that boy has a big Sai and Hikaru tried resolving the problem. On the other hand, Akira thought only to beat Hikaru. I think Akira’s attitude is childish a little because he doesn’t care about his members of Go club. It was not good.

  3. Masatooooo Masatooooo says:

    In this volume, Hikaru meets another teammate of Go club. It made me feel good that Hikaru wins against a man who gets money from Mitani.

  4. David David says:

    This oddly addicting series manages to put the drama of a Shaolin showdown in a middle school go tournament. It's starting to turn into more of a bildungsroman, as the theme of Hikaru and Akira's growing maturity begins to be repeated, always referenced through the lens of their go-playing. Akira is still obsessively pursuing Hikaru for a rematch, so much of the drama remains Haze middle school trying to put together a line-up for the tournament while Kaoi has to deal with its star player who's only there to beat Hikaru Shindo.

    Sai, the ancient ghostly go master, is still kind of a silly character who exists only as a plot device. There is only one mention of his meta-arc, when the cheating behavior of another child prodigy reminds him of his old rival.

    The cheater is the new character introduced in this volume, Yuki Mitani, a little go shark.

    Overall, a very amusing series, though I wonder how long it's going to drag out the whole Akira-vs-Hikaru contest without an actual decisive game. Also, Hikaru's little girlfriend who obviously has a crush on him is getting on my nerves: all she does is watch games with wide-eyed incomprehension and bake the boys cookies.

  5. Meepelous Meepelous says:

    I thought I had gotten much further in the series and just not documented it on goodreads, but I only remembered about half of this volume so I guess I can just wave goodbye to that delusion lol.

    That said, this continues to be a really fun fast read now that I am actually taking the time to request more volumes from the library. While there was one useful female character in this volume, I would say that the silliness of the female characters would be my biggest critique of the series. I do realize this has a lot to do with the market this manga is aimed at, but I also feel like it would have almost been a better idea to just not have any girls in the story, they really add nothing and only serve as silly cliches to sort of exist in service roles to the male characters.

    I did appreciate the way that Akira's character was really developed and made more sympathetic in this volume. It would have been extremely easy to just turn him into a flat nemesis character, but I do feel like as a reader I can see their conflict from both sides now.

  6. Ben Truong Ben Truong says:

    In order to play Shindo (Sai via Shindo), Akira Toya joins his Middle School's Go Club, despite his pro-like strength in order to orchestrate a game between the two. He puts up with the bullying and even demands that he plays as third board, when he learned that Shindo is playing that position.

    Meanwhile, Shindo is desperately trying to find a third male member to join his club so they could play in a team and time is running out. He finds this prospective member in Yuki Mitani, however he has little interest in the club and would prefer playing Go for money and cheating at it.

    The plot is moving forward really quickly and I'm surprisingly finding myself being captivated by and adoring a story about an ancient board game. Obata's art is, as always, beautiful as ever, and is a great companion to the story. I'm looking forward to reading the next tankobon.

  7. Dorin Dorin says:

    Hikaru will participate to the next year's go middle-schools tournament, but Akira is chasing to play him. Hikaru's club, however, lacks a third guy-member, and they finally find a kid, Yuki Mitani, who cheats in Go salons. After he is taught an expensive lesson, the cheater joins Haze's go club, and they finally make it to the tournament.

    Hikaru is maturing, and while he still acts like a mindless kid sometimes, he definitely grows. Sai becomes less involved, although he also plays a game against the Go salon hustler that teaches Yuki a lesson.

    The story becomes more and more consistent. I think that not only Hikaru grows, but the writer as well. :)

  8. Joshua Taylor Joshua Taylor says:

    This graphic novel was different from the other ones I have read. It was not because you had to read it from right-to-left, but how they took something so strategic and not that entertaining into an entertaining story. Go is a strategic game, and really has no dramatic action or anything in it. The people behind this book decided Hey, let's turn this game into a manga! I liked the book, to be honest.

  9. Francine Francine says:

    I liked that they addressed cheating and I like this new main character they've introduced, Yuki. Even so, I'm starting to feel a little indifferent about this manga. I don't feel any emotional connection to the characters.

  10. DeA DeA says:

    Still a great series. They are on the lookout for a third player to join their team but they must decide if they can accept who they find. Recommend to anyone who loves manga with games.