Identities are not mere markers we are known by, they define as well as limit us They can both confine or release a consciousness I Am Vidya is the story of one such journey that of a declaration, of the claiming of an identity It is an assertion of a consciousness that has suffered the agony of being trapped in a mould it does not belong to, a body it does not identify with Vidya has lived through all the indignities forced upon a tirunangai, a transgender, by a society which divides and defines itself as men and women in terms of biology alone From being spurned by her family, to begging on the streets as a social outcast, from donning a woman s clothes, to undergoing excruciating surgery to lose her manhood , from suffering emotional and physical harassment, to arriving at her true identity A compelling narrative about a woman trapped within a man s body, this is a story of extraordinary courage and perseverance