A nice short, sweet, steamy romance about two strong willed and independent people Grant doesn t buy into the hype surrounding most holidays, especially the super hyped and commercialized Valentine s Day Getting stuck together in a snowstorm with Jackie should be the last place he wants to be, but for once, he s glad Mother Nature has put him close quarters with the one woman who stirs him like no other.Great, quick read Looking forward to readingby Honor James. I really enjoyed Cowboy of Her Heart Grant and Jacqueline story will show sometimes you need to forget what you think and take a chance or you just might miss out on your chance at a truly amazing forever 3.5 stars Valentine s Day should be about the emotion, the love between two people, not spending money And that is the philosophy Grant Franklyn lives by It would be effective if he had that special someone in his life, but unfortunately the only woman he wants wants nothing to do with himJacqueline Hunter is all for falling in love and has already lost her heart Unfortunately the object of her affection doesn t realize she exists unless he is trying to get on her last nerveWhen she s stuck at Grant Franklyn s farm after a freak snow storm, whatever is a girl to do Jacqueline has some naughty ideas, but can she get Grant on board