Unlike the previous story in the series, this story is written from the perspective of Mistress Misery In some ways, I like the second story even better because of the contrast in the viewpoints and motivations. Quite graphic in its description of the ultimate servitude Some aspects from the slaves POV perhaps might have given a bitmeat. A hard core story of female domination and the extremes to which it may leadMistress Misery was not one generally for making physical contact with her slaves, preferring to make them suffer for her pleasure online, and certainly she never envisaged ever allowing one into her respectable and well appointed domestic arrangementsBut when Kelvin Oliver fell for her when he came to fix a faulty lavatory, she found herself considering the impossible, the most extreme, the most degrading involvement that could ever be imaginedIf Mistress Misery was going to have an commitment at all, it would have to be all of thatdMuch, much, MUCH Written by a practicing British Dominatrix, the author of the cult classic Mistress Misery