Basil Liddell Hart is regarded as one of the greatest military thinker of the last century The second volume of his Memoirs opens in the spring ofThe author had been long in the forefront of scientific historians and commentators on military, strategic and international affairs His books, articles, papers, lectures, his columns as the Military Correspondent and a leader writer of The Times had given him international status, even in Germany When Chamberlain succeeded Baldwin as Prime Minister, he appointed Leslie Hore Belisha as his War Minister, with instructions that he wanted to see drastic changes Within a few weeks, Hore Belisha had enlisted Liddell Hart into what he called the partnership The combination of the far sighted, zealous reformer and the dynamic, ambitious politician was to achieve real progress towards modernisation of the Army It was a partnership that perhaps saved Britain from complete destruction in Hitler s war pursued to the end, it would certainly have saved her countless setbacks, thousands of lives, and much moral and economic damage in the years that followed The circumstances of the dissolution of the partnership set the pattern for the remainder of the book and reflect the grim events which culminated in the collapse of France inLiddell Hart memoirs give an unparalleled account of the forces and personalities which governed those years, seen from a unique, inside viewpoint at the top Here is appeasement, inertia, resistance to change, evasiveness and folly in high places, recorded in new and terrible detail as they tumble one after another in a mad helter skelter to a war fought at the wrong time, in the wrong places, for the wrong reasons For the author there was personal distress Throughout the twenties and the thirties his views on future warfare had often been rejected as impracticable in his own country only to be adopted by her enemies He, than anybody, knew the power of his theories when put to practical use, how they could be combated, and how grossly ill equipped Britain and her Allies were to do so Now, with the Chamberlain Government s amazing volte face from appeasement to muddle headed belligerence, his realism was derided as unwarranted pessimism It was no consolation to him that when the attack came, the German assaults followed exactly the patterns he had predicted for so long The greatest military thinker of the th Century whose ideas have revolutionised the art of war GENERAL CHASSIN Nearly all German tank strategy was based on Liddell Hart s teachings GENERAL VON MELLENTHIN The theoretical originator of mechanised warfare I was one of his disciples GENERAL GUDERIAN No expert on military affairs has better earned the right to respectful attention than Liddell Hart PRESIDENT KENNEDY He still remains the foremost exponent of military matters in this country FM SIR CLAUDE AUCHINLECK Britain s greatest military historian of our times FM VISCOUNT MONTGOMERY OF ALAMEIN Captain BH Liddell Hart was an historian who made military history and theory interesting and understandable to the general reader He was military writer for several London newspapers, as well as Military Editor of the Encyclopaedia Britannica He was knighted inEndeavour Press is the UK s leading independent digital publisher

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