The book is like a map that points the way to being a Buddhist I love its complete yet conciseness, so I give it 5 stars If you need a quick preparation before deciding to devote to Buddhism, this book is for you. The Buddha Book is a comprehensive introduction to the principles and daily practices of the Buddha s teachings It sets out the origins of Buddhism, the different traditions, and devotional practices and explains how meditation can be of benefit Buddhism has great relevance for our lives today It can teach us emotional and mental clarity, acceptance of whatever comes our way, and a greater understanding of those around us It encourages us to behave in ways that are kind to ourselves and the many creatures we share the Earth with The Buddha Book offers an opportunity to discover the wisdom and serenity of Buddhism The Buddha Book is an easy to use, practical guide that will enable those who use it to experience for themselves the freedom from suffering that is the ultimate destination of the teachings of Buddha