This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text Purchasers can usually download a free scanned copy of the original book without typos from the publisher Not indexed Not illustratededition Excerpt THE general equity of the laws regarding free persons of colour in the Portugueze South American possessions, has been to a certain degree extended to that portion of the population which is in a state of slavery and the lives of the slaves of Brazil have been rendered less hard and less intolerable than those of the degraded beings who drag on their cheerless existence under the dominion of other nations The Brazilian slave is taught the religion of his master, and hopes are held out of manumission from his own exertions but still he is a slave, and must be guided by another man s will and this feeling alone takes away much of the pleasure which would be felt from the faithful discharge of his duty, if it was voluntarily performed The consciousness that if the directions were not willingly attended to, the arbitrary will of the master would enforce their performance, removes much of the desire to please obedience to a command is not required with any idea that refusal can possibly ensue, and therefore no merit is attached to its accomplishment by him whose orders are obeyed nor does the slave feel that he is doing in any degree than would be enforced if he had made any doubts The world has heard so much, and from so many quarters, of the enormities which have been committed by slave owners in the colonies with which England has had any communication both from her own possessions, and from those of other SLAVERYnations, that no doubts can be entertained of their existence That such evil deeds are of frequent occurrence, I would not wish to suppose, though that they are dreadfully too frequent is well known I had rather not be persuaded that man in so depraved a state is often to be met with that many civilized

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