How to Write a Nonfiction Book From planning to promotion insimple steps Seventh Edition takes the mystery out of the book writing process Here s what you need to know What it takes to be an author How to write a proposal What, when, how to write Who can help you What production includes What your publishing options are How to reach your readers What else you should readThesimple steps to writing, publishing, and promoting a nonfiction book are Planning us the first and most important step in the process Even if you plan to self publish, writing a proposal organizes your thoughts and helps you plan every aspect of your book Writing is the most time consuming step It not only the main message but also what surrounds that message on the front and back ends Professional Partners are all the people who will assist you in some aspect of your book Going through all the of the steps requires a team of professionals, each of whom has an area of specialization Production is a series of activities handled by the publisher Their purpose is to prepare your manuscript into a printer ready format Publishing is the step that converts digital files or plates intoprinted, bound pages between two covers Now, you can finally hold your book in your hands Promotion is the step where you get the copies out of your basement or warehouse and into the hands of readers To do that, you have to let your target audience know it exists