Unable to get a date for Valentine s Day, Brad invites his friend Jeff over for some company Brad doesn t know that Jeff is gay, or that Jeff has the hots for him Seeing Brad get rejected by the girl he wants, Jeff decides to make his move and seduce his friend Jeff is such a good looking guy that Brad simply cannot refuse his offer for some much needed Valentine s loving, and they take their friendship to a much hot and intimate level Warning thisword story contains explicit and steamy oral and gay anal sex between a gay guy and a straight guy turned gayExcerpt Jeff let go of Brad s hair He pulled Brad s hand out from under his shirt and guided it to his crotch Brad ran his fingers along Jeff s hardened shaft, which showed through his tight jeans Brad thought of how uncomfortable it was to have your boner stuck in your pants like that With a final rub, he unbuttoned Jeff s jeans and unzipped them as well Jeff s began breathing in quick little gasps as Brad slowly pushed his fingers down the waist loop of his briefs He let his fingers part around the very base of Jeff s dick It was big, much bigger than he would have guessed This made his own cock get a little harder in Jeff s hand You like them big, do you Jeff whispered between kisses He was smiling With some effort due to the tightness of Jeff s jeans, Brad worked his fingers down his pant leg until the tips of his fingers could feel the very tip of Jeff s cock He could feel a bead of precum that had formed there He rubbed this around the head of Jeff s cock like it was massage oil Jeff moaned a little He began stroking Brad s shaft a little fasterNow it was Brad s turn to reach behind Jeff s head and weave his fingers through a handful of his hair He pulled Jeff s head back so that his neck was fully exposed Jeff s aftershave smelled particularly potent as Brad left a trail of kisses down Jeff s neck, lingering for a moment on the tip of his Adam s apple I want to feel your lips around me, Jeff said as he ran one of his fingertips in circles around the head of Brad s cock