Katrina White is on a mission to put women in positions of power over men, and she’s willing to do just about anything to further her goals After taking over her wealthy husband’s company, she founded The Athena Agency, a covert organization that strips power from influential males and trains young women to take their placeWhen spunky college senior Julia comes to her attention, Katrina is impressed and offers her a spot in their program Soon, Julia is on a rocket to success, preparing to help reeducate two new trainees, a lawyer and a movie director The men will soon find their lives intersecting intimately with Julia’s, as her star rises and their’s descends into slaveryThis story is aboutwords Lily Snow writes from the Dominant Female perspective, weaving a tale of a young collegeaged coed invited into a society designed to, eventually, transform all world governance into the hands of dominant women They choose men in specific positions of authority, kidnap them and force them into complete submission, signing their company over to key women, enslaving themselves to those women for the rest of their lives.The Athena Agency stories are short and I imagine that it would take about fifteen of them to completely tell the tale of how the Agency transforms alpha males into completely subjugated inferiors Initial treatments of the males in the care of the Agency are quite harsh.While I can recommend this series, I would like to see Ms Snow provide us with a collection of all of the short stories in one compendium, as the reader would get a better picture of how the Agency transforms the males I am imagining that she is continuing to write the series.