The amazing fulfillment of a mysterious island prophecy Our songs are about the love and law of John Frum and how we will live forever when he comes Cargo cult villagers march in formation at the base of a rumbling and fiery volcano Their ancient prophecies predict the return of a mysterious messenger Are their prophecies about to come true Sail with the crew of a medical mission ship into the middle of the hopes and history of this unreached Pacific people group A remarkable true life adventure Don Richardson, best selling author A modern missions miracle Loren Cunningham, Youth With A Mission Absolutely amazing Diana Waring, History Alive An exciting adventure Dr Art Patzia, Fuller Seminary A remarkable story Don Stephens, Mercy Ships I was mesmerized Dr Linus Morris, Christian Associates Int Fascinating story about the intricate working of God in the lives of an island people Really good read A very interesting book about a missionary s outreach to a cargo cult in the Pacific Islands They were waiting for John Frum , a man from America, who would teach them about God This missionary was able to share the Gospel with this group and see many come to Christ It was exciting to see how God was working to prepare their hearts for His truth. Loved reading about the experiences of my friend, John Rush