Henry Virgin wrote the poem Anthelion inSet out incanzoni, it charts the tale of a wandering voice, caught elsewhere, through the streets of London, through yards of stone, via shapeshifters, into hell armed only with a sword stick in a black umbrella, reappearing in the park, catching a cab out of town, leaving the lies and the hymns behind, over oceans, continents, deserts and mountain passes Love, and the lack of it, is ever the guiding principle Experiencing an array of characters and situations, the protagonist ventures forth Part soliloquy, part love poem, part spirit flight and invocation, this lyrical abstraction arouses the soul with a sonorous flow of visions and ideas Blending insight and humour, this poem will delight and astound youAfter he had written Anthelion , in , he also gave the name to his collection of verse,poems Therefore, the long poem gave its name to the longer collection, of which a total of aboutcopies were printed and hardback bound in different colours grey, white, black and red This edition is a portable pocket size edition featuring a drawing by Henry Virgin of two lovers entwined

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