Bella is a small town girl, sleeping with the well endowed but stupid local farm boy, when her father returns home with shocking news She has been traded to a mysterious and hideous lord in return for her father s freedom She doesn t know what to think or expect, but invisible servants and a continuing question certainly didn t top the list Will Bella ever be able to answer his question, or will the Beast forever be a creature of darkness EXCERPT He patted her head lightly I went inside and found a fire burning in the fireplace with a pot of tea sitting next to an old moth eaten chair covered in a thick warm blanket I called out, looking for the owner, but no one appeared, so I sat in the chair, had a cup of tea and dozed off in the warmth and dryness The next thing I remember, I was lifted in the air by a pair of huge, hideous paws and I looked into the feral eyes of a monster who spoke to me He could use civilized words, but he was not a civilized creature His skin was heavily coated in wiry fur His face resembled that of a wolf, ending in a black, wet nose His teeth, Bella Oh, his teeth were sharp and yellowed He roared in my face, his breath fetid and damp