John Whaite, winner of theGreat British Bake Off, bakes everywhere he goes at food festivals, as a guest on the nation s top cookery shows, at Le Cordon Bleu school where he is perfecting his craft and as teacher at his new cookery school Yet his favourite place to bake is still at home, creating delicious treats and feasts for his family and friendsIn John Whaite Bakes At Home, John shares with us those recipes he saves for his nearest and dearest The lunches, brunches and afternoon teas he whips up when his parents come to visit, the indulgent sweet bakes and savoury pizzas he has waiting when his friends come to stay, and the picnics, confectionery and special occasion cakes he prepares for, and with, his nieces and nephews So whether you want a birthday cake to impress or a comfort food feast to welcome the whole family, if you re after straightforward homemade recipes with a modern twist, this is the book for you

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  1. Emily G Emily G says:

    A work colleague bought me this for my birthday, as I take all the cakes I bake into work I don t watch reality TV, so I was clueless that John Whaite won the Great British Bake Off I was just looking him up to see if he was any relation to Terry Anyway onto the book, most of the recipes are a bit fancy for my kind of everyday baking, but this book will come in handy for special occasions.

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