I m unable to review this because I wrote it The waste this book tackles is not just of food and money but of really good eating opportunities With this book you ll discover delicious ways of making the most of every scrap of food available, without being forced into the cycle of buying ingredients just to use up leftovers There are hundreds of suggestions for imaginative, ingredient inspired cooking Never again leave food to fester because you can t think what to do with it Take advantage of special offers and discover the many ways they can be enjoyedFind out which ingredients can be substituted for others to vary a basic recipeUse even small amounts of food to create a cook s treat or as a tasting sampleEnjoy the freedom of impromptu cooking with theultimate list of essential store cupboard, fridge and freezer basics you won t have to hit the shops in order to use up what you haveBe inspired by s of fun and useful tips eg how to turn a lonely bacon rasher into Bacon Salt to sprinkle on poached eggs, roast tomatoes, cheese on toast, or any number of things DID YOU KNOW The most wasted food is bread and yet there are so many delicious dishes that can be made with it, even when stale from French Toast and Bread Pudding to Panzanella and Skordiala This book givesbasic ideas for using up bread with numerous variations, often using other leftovers What do you do with themillion untouched bananas that are wasted annually You peel them, freeze them and dip them in chocolate