This book is an illustrated version of the original Chinese Diamonds for the King of Kings by Rosalind Goforth The following sketches are as photographically true as my knowledge of Chinese life and people can make them They are written primarily as an answer to the oft met questions, Do missions pay and, After all, are there any real Christians in China We missionaries are frequently told that the average church member at home has come to think of missionaries letters as too dry to read Wherefore, my attempt to give missionary facts in a different, possibly readable, form With what success remains to be seen The little book is sent forth with the earnest hope and prayer that those who read these sketches may come to see the truth of what Paul said God hath made of ONE BLOOD all men under heaven Rosalind Goforth Souls Won For Jesus Rosalind Goforth is a great writer of missions I would read any book written by her or her husband The book brings out the best in me Desire to be a better Christian. Rosalind recounts a variety of stories from her work in China It is raw and to the point. Dnf Wasn t happy with all the Librivox narrators.