FANG is the first and only paperback fiction anthology for the furry community, and collects anthropomorphic fiction for mature audiences For FANG Volume , the theme was horror , with a dash of the homerotica that proved so popular in the first volume Among the gems in this volume are a raucously sleazy parody of the works of Lovecraft, a sensitive ghost story, a balls out battle against The Man With the Mile Wide Smile and four short stories from the Arcanum Arcanorum series by Ben Goodridge, which follows a detective in a slightly supernatural version of th century London, who solves very familiar mysteries with the aid of his trusted werewolf companionFANG Volumecontains the following stories Plays Well With Others by Kyell Gold The Fox and the Unspeakable Horror by K M Hirosaki Under the Surface by Stormcatcher The Thinking Place by Stormcatcher From the Sea, the Ghosts by Alex Vance Natural Selection by Whyte Yot Arcanum Arcanorum by Ben Goodridge Stocky by Ben Goodridge Child of the Scroll by Ben Goodridge The Walking Mountain by Ben Goodridge The Zombie Curse of Huckleberry Hollow by Alex Vance

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